Petal White Waxed End-Lock Floral Delivery Trays

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Petal White Waxed End-Lock Floral Trays

Our Waxed End-Lock Floral Delivery Trays are the perfect way to deliver flowers, floral arrangements and plants to your customers and events. The sturdy, easy, and high-quality tray design and wax tray coating ensure your plants and floral arrangements are secure and look beautiful upon arrival. Great for florists, event planners and grocery stores.

The Petal White Waxed End-Lock Floral Arrangement Trays are designed to make transporting flowers and plants a breeze. The end-lock feature ensures that the floral trays stay securely closed during transit, preventing any spills or damage to the delicate contents inside. The white wax coating not only adds a touch of elegance to the trays but also provides a protective barrier against moisture, keeping the flowers fresh and vibrant.

If you work with flowers for weddings, events, or in a store, you need these trays. They help you create beautiful arrangements for your customers. These flower delivery trays are durable enough to withstand the rigors of transportation, yet lightweight enough to make handling and carrying them easy.

Your flowers and plants will look beautiful when they arrive with the Petal White Waxed End-Lock Floral Delivery Trays. They will look just as beautiful as when they left your shop. Upgrade your delivery service with these high-quality trays today!

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Made in the USA.

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