Kraft Cardboard Floral Delivery Trays

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Kraft Floral Delivery Trays

Our Kraft Corrugated Box and Delivery Trays for floral arrangements, plants, and more. Our boxes for flowers keep your flowers, plants and floral arrangements safe while being delivered or carried out.

These trays are perfect for Florists, Garden Centers, Greenhouses and Grocery stores. The Kraft corrugated floral delivery trays are designed to provide maximum protection for your flowers, plants, and floral arrangements during transportation. Whether you are a florist, garden center, greenhouse, or grocery store, these trays are perfect for ensuring that your products arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The sturdy corrugated material is durable and reliable, offering a secure way to transport delicate items without worrying about damage. The white color adds a clean and professional look to your packaging, making a great impression on your customers.

With these floral delivery trays, you can rest assured that your products will be safe and secure during delivery or while being carried out by your customers. Invest in these high-quality wholesale floral boxes and trays to enhance the presentation and protection of your floral products.

Made in the USA from 32ECT, C-flute corrugated kraft

Pack varies by size



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