Petal White Boutonniere & Corsage Boxes

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Automatic Pop-up White Flower Boxes 

Secure your floral creations with our Automatic Pop-Up Floral Boxes. These white boxes ship flat and pop up automatically to save you time when finishing orders. Just place your Flowers in the holder and you are good to go!

Great as a Boutonniere box or Corsage box. The perfect floral delivery box for your customers and events to ensure your floral arrangements are secure and look beautiful upon arrival.

Great for florists, event planners and grocery stores. The Automatic Pop-Up Petal White Boxes are a convenient and efficient way to package and transport your floral creations. No more struggling with assembling boxes - these boxes pop up automatically, saving you time and hassle. Simply place your flowers in the holder and you're ready to go.

Whether you're creating Boutonnieres & Corsages for dances or weddings these boxes are the perfect solution for keeping your flowers safe and secure during delivery.

Pack varies by size

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