Mini Pyramid Packer Vase Holder

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Mini Pyramid Packer Cardboard Vase Holder

Our Mini Pyramid Cardboard Box Vase Holder is perfect for keeping flower arrangements safe. Also convenient for delivery drivers and customers to carry out. We score our Pyramid Box for easy folding. Just staple or tape it and you're good to go! 

The wide bottom pyramid design keeps your flowers standing up straight. The strong cardboard keeps your vase safe during shipping, so your flowers won't get damaged. The color of the floral box adds a touch of elegance, making it perfect for any occasion.

Our Pyramid Cardboard Box Vase Holder is a dependable floral delivery box for florists or customers needing to move flowers easily. It is specifically designed for packaging and transporting flowers and floral arrangements. Don't worry about the delivery damaging your flowers. Our Pyramid Box ensures they arrive safely and looking great.

Adjusts to fit most bud vases and smaller vases

Also available in plain white - DTMP2

Packed 100 per case



"We have been using the Pyramid Vase Holders/Boxes from Pilgrim Packaging for many years! Our customers LOVE them and many return customers are sure to request them!  The Ivy pyramid box is even pretty! I've seen a few pics where the recipient didn't even take the box off of the arrangement because it is so nice.  The people at Pilgrim Packaging are always so nice when we call also!!  Thanks for making such a great product!! They sure make our lives easier!!!"  Teresa from Mustang Flowers, Oklahoma

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