Heavy Weight Automatic Pop-up Vase Holder Box 664

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Automatic Pop-up Heavy Weight Vase Holder Box

Secure your floral arrangements and delicate vases with our heavy weight automatic pop-up vase holders. These white boxes ship flat and pop up automatically to save you time when finishing orders. Just place your arrangement in the holder and you are good to go!

The heavy weight of the automatic pop-up vase holder box ensures that your floral arrangements stay secure during transport. No need to worry about your vases tipping over or getting damaged.

These boxes pop up automatically, so you can focus on making beautiful arrangements without the trouble of putting together packaging. Simply place your vase in the floral delivery box, close the box, and your order is ready to be delivered safely to your customers. Save time and ensure the safety of your delicate vases with our reliable automatic pop-up vase holder boxes.

Pilgrim has all your needs for wholesale floral packaging supplies, floral boxes and more!

6'' x 6'' x 4''   100 per case

Made in the USA


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