Colors of Christmas Giftwrap Rolls

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Giftwrap rolls in the Colors of Christmas

During the Christmas season, gift wrapping is an essential part of the holiday spirit. To create a festive atmosphere, consider using gift wrap rolls in classic Christmas colors. Here are some traditional and popular color options for Christmas gift wrap:

  1. Red: Symbolizing warmth, love, and the festive spirit, red is a quintessential Christmas color. Red gift can instantly evoke holiday cheer.

  2. Green: Green is another staple color for Christmas, representing nature, life, and renewal. 

  3. Gold: Add a touch of luxury and elegance with gold gift wrap. Gold metallic gift wrap can make your presents sparkle like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

  4. Silver: Similar to gold, silver adds a festive shine to gift wrap. It pairs beautifully with blue, red, or green and creates a winter wonderland effect.

  5. White: Crisp white gift wrap with silver or gold motifs can evoke a snowy winter landscape. Add you own flair with colored ribbbon or bows.

  6. Blue: While not as traditional as red and green, shades of blue can still evoke a wintery feel. 

When choosing gift wrap, think about coordinating colors with your overall Christmas decor and other wrapping accessories like ribbons and gift tags. Mixing and matching these colors can create a cohesive and visually appealing presentation under your Christmas tree.

24'' wide rolls - Choose either 100' long cutter box or the 417' long half ream roll

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