Clear Cellophane Sleeves

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Clear Cellophane Floral Sleeves

Great clear poly sleeve to use for floral arrangements and plants during colder months. Keep flowers and plants protected from the outside elements.

Perfect for Florists, Garden Centers, Greenhouses, and Grocery stores. The clear poly floral showcase plant sleeve is a versatile and practical solution for protecting delicate flowers and plants from harsh weather conditions.

Whether you are a florist looking to keep your arrangements looking fresh and vibrant, a garden center wanting to showcase your bouquets in a professional manner, or a greenhouse or grocery store looking to protect your inventory, this sleeve is the perfect choice.

The simple design makes it easy for customers to see the flowers or plants inside. It also provides protection from wind, rain, and cold weather. Durable and easy to use, this sleeve is a must-have for any business that wants to keep its floral and plant products looking their best.

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