It's Almost Valentine's Day...

Posted by Anne Wilkinson on Feb 12th 2019

Well, after all of the planning and preparing, Valentine's Day is almost here.  I am amazed by the super human powers of small businesses around the country getting ready to deliver the most beautiful floral arrangements and the most delicious cakes, cookies and candies all on one day and for the best price.  The competition faced by so many of these small businesses by big wire services, large grocery chains and big box stores is phenomenal.   The local florist, bakery or candy makers have to work around the clock just to ensure they delight each and  every possible customer.  Prior to being in this industry, I took these artisans for granted.  Their level of engagement and customer service has inspired me beyond words this past year!  Now, I see the simple task of ordering gifts through a whole new lens.  I appreciate the creativity and hard work put into every floral arrangement and cake I purchase.  I find myself enjoying the ordering process so much more when I buy locally.

This Valentine's Day, I learned more about the preparation of packaging products.  Our floral customers have been buying containers, ribbon, tissue, etc. a few weeks leading up to this week.  Over the past week, they have been buying some of our signature packaging products - Pyramid Packers. and the arrangement bags.  (The cold and snowy weather has made it critical to protect the arrangements this year)  Walking through the backdoor of the local florist, you can see shelves and coolers full of premade packers and delivery boxes inside of the arrangement bags.. just waiting for the floral arrangements to be added.  It reminds me of my manufacturing days, only much smaller spaces and a lot fewer employees. But the same results - high quality products being delivered on time.  

So, this year, if I am lucky enough to receive a gift of flowers, cookies or candies from a local artisan, my appreciation will be tenfold!   

Good luck to all of you and THANK YOU for your dedication to your craft!  

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