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WrapSmart is a division of Pilgrim Packaging a unique wholesale distribution company specializing in the packaging and supplies for gift shops, boutiques, salons, jewelers, wedding and event planners, marketing managers, florists, art & crafts, candle makers & soap makers since 1987. We are a full-line distributor of bags, boxes, bows, gift wrap, for food service, confectioners, and florist supplies. Whatever your packaging needs are, we can meet and exceed your expectations. WrapSmart is known as the best source for your retail packaging needs. We offer a large selection of innovative gift packaging products at competitive prices with excellent service. We're glad you've come to WrapSmart and we're sure you will be to.

Let us help you add style to your packaging with the customized printing of your bags, boxes, tissues, ribbons and labels. Wrapsmart has tons of designs and prints to help your package make an impact. Our designs are sure to have anyone receiving the package amazed at the quality of their parcel. WrapSmart is one of the largest online stores of its kind. Whatever you feel like you may need, there’s a good chance you can find it here!

Place your order online or by phone with one of our amazing customer service representatives. Our experienced staff can help you with all your needs, including custom printed packaging. Whether you want custom printed bags, boxes, gift wraps or tissue. WrapSmart can help you from product selection to the creation of your personal artwork design. Most orders ship the same or next business day, to ensure you receive your purchase as timely as possible.

Shopping on a tight budget? Make sure to check out our clearance section to catch the best deals on our products. The same high quality products at a cheaper rate due to over stock, manufactures discount, etc. You can find amazing deals in our clearance section, so make sure you take full advantage of it!

Guardsman Poly Embossed Foil Solid Color Satin Wrap Gift Tissue Crinkle Cut Spring-Fill brand decorative shreds
Poinsettia Beauty Embossed Poly Foil

20" x 30 ft

13''X11''X3.5'' Holiday Red Hexagon Trays
Perfect gift tray for cookies, candy, notions and more.

On sale now
$0.07 per sheet
Choose from
29 Crinkle Cut Colors
Guardsman Poly Embossed Foil Kraft Paper Euro Tote Gable boxes Inverted Trapezoid Paper Bag
27 bold and bright colors. Decorate cake boards, use for floral wrap and more
Starting at
$0.63 each
Gift box or Box lunch! Choose from 18 spectacular designs
Available in 6 colors

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