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WrapSmart is a division of Pilgrim Packaging a unique wholesale distribution company specializing in the packaging and supplies for gift shops, boutiques, salons, jewelers, wedding and event planners, marketing managers, florists, art & crafts, candle makers & soap makers since 1987. We are a full-line distributor of bags, boxes, bows, gift wrap, for food service, confectioners, and florist supplies. Whatever your packaging needs are, we can meet and exceed your expectations. WrapSmart is known as the best source for your retail packaging needs. We offer a large selection of innovative gift packaging products at competitive prices with excellent service. We're glad you've come to WrapSmart and we're sure you will be to.

Let us help you add style to your packaging with the customized printing of your bags, boxes, tissues, ribbons and labels. Wrapsmart has tons of designs and prints to help your package make an impact. Our designs are sure to have anyone receiving the package amazed at the quality of their parcel. WrapSmart is one of the largest online stores of its kind. Whatever you feel like you may need, there’s a good chance you can find it here!

Place your order online or by phone with one of our amazing customer service representatives. Our experienced staff can help you with all your needs, including custom printed packaging. Whether you want custom printed bags, boxes, gift wraps or tissue. WrapSmart can help you from product selection to the creation of your personal artwork design. Most orders ship the same or next business day, to ensure you receive your purchase as timely as possible.

Shopping on a tight budget? Make sure to check out our clearance section to catch the best deals on our products. The same high quality products at a cheaper rate due to over stock, manufactures discount, etc. You can find amazing deals in our clearance section, so make sure you take full advantage of it!

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1-7-16FLSARI   1-7/16" x 100 yds Flora-Satin Ribbon
SHDBAG   100 Gauge Dome Shaped Shrink Bags
42911   11'' Oval Weave Basket
02112-14   14" Willow Dish Assortment
SHRTUBE1500   1500 ft Clear Shrink Wrap Tube Film
SIT-BX222ARA   2 x 2 x 2 Sherbert Favor Box
SMSPSTBO   2" Splendorette Star Bows
MDSPSTBO   2-3/4" Splendorette Star Bows
CFSHRINK2000   2000 ft Centerfold Shrink Wrap Film Rolls
CFSHRINK250   250 ft Centerfold Shrink Wrap Film Rolls
SHRTUBE250   250 ft Clear Shrink Wrap Tube Film
FAB2PC   2pc Italian Favor Boxes
AB10004CB   3 x 3 x 2 Caribbean Blue Gift Box
LGSPSTBO   3-3/4" Splendorette Star Bows
3-4FLSARI   3/4" x 100 yds Flora-Satin Ribbon
3-4SPRI   3/4" x 250 yds Splendorette Ribbon
PRIM   3D Clear Prismatic Euro-tote
5SPPRNOBO   5" Splendorette Pre-Notched Bows
5.5FLSAPB   5-1/2" Flora-Satin Perfect Bows
CFSHRINK500   500 ft Centerfold Shrink Wrap Film Rolls
SHRTUBE500   500 ft Clear Shrink Wrap Tube Film
M31114   6'' Distressed Green Bucket
8FLSAPB   8" Flora-Satin Perfect Bows
GWX-5494   A Very Merry Christmas
AAtest   AAtest
X6328   Absolutely No Peeking! Reversible
AIRUN   Aisle Runners
ALINONE   All In One Paper Cutter
GWM5497   All Wrapped Up!
T10553   Amethyst Gemstones Tissue
ANPRPS   Animal Print Paper Shoppers
ANTDW   Antigua
T10226   Antique Gold Pearlescence Tissue
T10227   Antique Silver Pearlescence Tissue
T10763   Apricot Pearlescence Tissue
PP-AQU   Aqua - Market Tray
GWE6124   Aqua/Seafoam Reversible
T10445   Aquamarine Gemstones Tissue
AQPLFF   Aquaplus Flower Food
E6325   Arch Deco Reversible
T10734   Arctic Plaid
SIT-BOARG   Argento Silver Borsa Purse
SIT-CH2ARGH   Argento Silver Chest
ARUDW   Aruba
STMPGT   Assorted Tissue Medley Packs
T10679   Assortment Pack Pearlescence Tissue
GWE6229   Autumn Leaves
FABOAVEB   Avana E-Flute Boxes & Cesto Trays
AVANATRAY   Avana E-Flute Trays
T10769   Awning Stripe Tissue
GWM5476   Baby Chevron Reversible
GWM5455   Baby Dots Reversible
GWM5447   Baby Elephants
E5977   Baby Gingham Reversible
GWM-6298   Baby Giraffes
T10153   Baby Prints Tissue
GWM5367   Baby Stripes
GWM7188   Baby Toile Reversible
GWM-5492   Balloon Pop!
GWE5207   Balloons Galore
BAEUTOTE   Bamboo Euro Totes
GWE4009   Bands of Silver Navy/Kraft
6-3/4 x 4 x 5
9 x 5 x 7-1/2
GWM5495   Basket Weave
GWM3153   Batik Scroll
GWM6314   Berry Branches
BEBRPS   Berry Branches Paper Shoppers
BFGICA   Billfold Gift Card Holders
GWM6267   Birds & Hearts
T10185   Birds Nest Tissue
T10694   Black & White Printed Assortment Tissue
T10222   Black Brass Pearlescence Tissue
T10718   Black Chevron Tissue
GWE1793   Black Chevron/Kraft
GWE3030   Black Diamonds/Kraft
T10736   Black Dots / White
T10772   Black Gingham Check Tissue
BLKRPKG   Black Kraft Specialty Corrugated Packaging
T10764   Black on Black Hot Spots Tissue
T10463   Black Onyx Gemstones Tissue
T10738   Black Stripes / White
BLBPLS   Bloom Bio-Plastic Bags
BLECOMOD   Blossom Eco Mod Bags
GWX9058   Blue Baubles
BLUEPKG   Blue Kraft Specialty Corrugated Packaging
T10748   Blue on White Snowflake Tissue
T10551   Blue Reflections Tissue
T10662   Blue Sapphire Gemstones Tissue
T10499   Blue Topaz Gemstones Tissue
GWM5477   Bold Chevron
T10698   Bold Chevron Apple Green Tissue
T10699   Bold Chevron Chocolate Tissue
GWM5473   Bold Floral
BOFLPS   Bold Floral/Chevron Paper Shoppers
GWM2135   Bold Scroll
BOSCPS   Bold Scroll Paper Shoppers
T10661   Bold Scroll Tissue
BORBC   Bordeaux Textured Rib Bottle Carrier
BOMAPB   Bow Magic Butterfly Pull Bows
GWM4245   Bright Christmas
T10216   Bright Turquoise Pearlescence Tissue
BRSTPKG   Brilliant Stripe & Solids Specialty Corrugated Packaging
T10229   Bronze 2-sided Pearlescence Tissue
GWE5498   Bubbles
BUPEPS   Bubbles/Periwinkle Paper Shoppers
GWM6186   Bubbly Bruno
85616   Buff Wood Chip Baskets
E6348   Bullion
BURCORPKG   Burgundy Specialty Corrugated Packaging
T10285   Burgundy Swirls Tissue
BURLPS   Burlap Paper Shoppers
E6345   Burlap/Kraft
PP-BUR   Burnished Gold - Market Tray
GOLDPKG   Burnished Gold Specialty Corrugated Packaging
GWE6220   Butterflies
T10451   Butterflies Tissue
GWM6293   Butterfly Kaleidoscope
E6322   Butterfly Reflections
GWM-3158   By The Sea Gift Wrap
GWE4255   Camo/Kraft
T10596   Candy Canes Tissue
GWM7254   Candy Confetti
CANDYSH   Candy Stripe
T10397   Caribbean Dots Tissue
CATBAG   Carry Out Catering
CTRLPKSH   Central Park
CPBPLS   Central Park Bio-Plastic Bags
T10383   Cerise Pearlescence Tissue
T10224   Champagne 2-sided Pearlescence Tissue
E6315   Champagne Bubbles
GWE6277   Champagne Pearl
CHCHCORPKG   Cheerful Chevron Specialty Corrugated Packaging
GWM4194   Cheery Dots
CHDOPS   Cheery Dots Paper Shoppers
GWM-3159   Chic Link
CHLIPS   Chic Link Paper Shoppers
PP-CHO   Chocolate - Market Tray
PELMARBC   Chocolate Brown Bottle Carrier
CHOCORPKG   Chocolate Specialty Corrugated Packaging
X6332   Christmas Bulbs Reversible
GWM6304   Christmas Check
CCSBPS   Christmas Check / Snowflake Bling Paper Shoppers
GWM-5485   Christmas Chevron Reversible
GWM5304   Christmas Dots
CDCHPS   Christmas Dots & Chevron / Kraft Paper Shoppers
GWX-6318   Christmas Gingham - Reversible
GWX5469   Christmas Green
GWM6303   Christmas Kiss
GWM5461   Christmas Lace
CHLAPS   Christmas Lace Paper Shoppers
GWM7042   Christmas Mosaic
GWM5459   Christmas Polka Dot Reversible
GWX5468   Christmas Red
GWX-4252   Christmas Silhouette
GWX3154   Christmas Stripe Kraft
GWX5503   Christmas Swirl
GWM-4248   Christmas Tree Rock
GWM5482   Christmas Weave
CITCOLSH   City Collection
CCBPLS   City Collection Bio-Plastic Bags
PSL   Clear Cellophane Sleeves
STO-4CLE   Clear Groove Take Out Box 4 x 3-1/2 x 4
CLSLH   Clear Soft Loop Handle Shoppers
CLTFH   Clear Tri-Fold Handle Shoppers
CO69   CoCo MidRib w/ Handle Baskets
COLORCELLO   Colored Cellophane Rolls
T10750   Confetti Dots Tissue
GWM6269   Contempo Canes Reversible
T10252   Contemporary Hearts Tissue
T10230   Copper 2-sided Pearlescence Tissue
GWM-4253   Copper Leaves
T10207   Copper Precious Metal Tissue
T10766   Cottage Rose Tissue
GWX-4250   Country Christmas
GWE-7171   Cranberry Frost - Reversible
GWE5388   Crewel Embroidery
CRCSF   Crinkle Cut Shredded Filler
CBWPCNW   Cupcake Boxes
CBWKWIN   Cupcake Boxes w/Windows
JCI001   Cupcake Inserts
MCI001   Cupcake Inserts
SCI001   Cupcake Inserts
E6008   Cupcake Love
A68011   Curling Ribbon Dispenser
GWE5031   Daisy Dance
PP-DAM   Damask - Market Tray
DAMCORPKG   Damask Specialty Corrugated Packaging
GWE4161   Damselfly
E5700   Dark Green Kraft
GWE5690   Dark Red Kraft
GWe-6313   Day Lily/Goldenrod Reversible
X6346   Deck the Halls
DEFLTU   Deco Flex Tubing
GWM2136   Deco Flourish
DEPMM   Deco Poly Mesh Metallic
A68009   Deluxe Ribbon Dispenser
T10735   Desert Plaid

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